Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme - funding closed in less than a year

Scheme to improve the air quality in London by cutting emissions is pulled due to lack of take-up.

Update 7 June 2019 - The Mayor has pulled the plug on £10 million boiler cashback scheme as only two projects ever got off the ground. Read the full announcement here:

Original release: From 30 July 2018, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan introduced the Cleaner Heat Cashback, a scheme is to help improve the air quality in London by cutting emissions.

The mayor has allocated £10m to help replace old inefficient systems with new efficient cleaner heating systems.

The scheme is open to Small and Medium Enterprises in London, replacing boilers that are a minimum of 10 years old and above 70kw.

The funding is between 30% and 40% of the installation, dependent on location and technology.

To qualify, products must be >90% efficient, above 70kw output and with a NOx reading <40 mg/Kwh.

ACV Eligible Products:

  • Heatmaster 70TC, 85TC and 120TC
  • Prestige 100kw and 120kw

The scheme is being managed by the Energy Savings Trust

For more information, follow the link Mayor of London's website below

Cleaner Heat Cashback