New pipework kits for ACV wall hung boilers

New Prestige wall hung boiler pipework kits now available

ACV pipe kits save space and reduce labour time when installing Prestige wall hung boilers.

Designed for the Prestige P42, P50, P75, P100, P120 and available as a single or twin set, the new pipework kits enable you easily connect cascades of one, two, there and four boilers to save you time on site.

The kits include all flow and return pipework plus ErP A-rated pumps, service valves, non- return valves, joining kits where required and a rigid frame for plant rooms where the wall may not be strong enough to support your boiler.

This gives flexible installation options and significantly reduces cost and labour time.

Cascade up to four wall hung boilers

The option for single or twin means you can connect a cascade of up to four boilers. For example, if you had three boilers, the kit contains a single and a twin that can be bolted together. With four you would get two twin sets.

Everything in one kit

The flow and return headers are available in either DN65 or DN80 with flanges rated to PN06. The feet of the boiler support frames have been precision engineered to align with the feet of the flow and return header assembly. Blanking flanges are also included in kit.

The kit includes gas and water header assemblies designed to match the boilers. Isolating valves for the flow, return and gas supply are included together with a non-return valve to stop back flow through non-firing boilers.

ErP compliant, A-rated boiler shunt pumps are included. This ensures a sufficient flow around the primary circuit with design 20°C differential temperature. The pumps are designed to be wired to the boiler. Each pump is provided with a 3-core power supply with a 1500mm cable.

Protecting the system

For protecting the boilers and ensuring sufficient flow around the primary circuit you can choose from two low loss headers. As well as a standard low loss header we can offer a low loss header with integrated air and dirt separator. Providing a dual function of cleaning the system as well as maintaining the flow saves you money and reduces space needed in the plant room.

If you require additional options for a plate heat exchanger, please contact us.

“After feedback from our customers we designed the new pipework kits to include all the components you need and require minimal assembly on site. This enables you to get a complete wall hung boiler package direct from us.” said  Jason Hartigan, National Sales Manager for ACV UK

To aid the design of your plant room, BIM objects for the new pipework kits are available from BIMstore. Download the Prestige wall hung boiler BIM objects and select the pipe kit option in the model. You can access BIM objects here.

The complete kit contains:

 -          High quality rigid boiler frame

-          3 barg PN06 flanges

-          Wilo Stratos Para 30/1-8 PN10 T3 pump(s)

-          Blind ends on manifold, one with drain plug included

-          Stainless steel flow and return flexible connections

-          Stainless steel gas hoses

-          Gas pipe header with blank and purge/pressure test point

-          Joining kits (3&4 boiler kits only)

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