Your comfort, your money and the planet

Think about the future

Sustainable products

Investment in research and development allows us not only to develop environmentally friendly products, but also to create systems that last. ACV ensures minimal waste and environmental impact during production and use of its products, right through to the end of their life.

Stainless steel is a good choice in terms of durability, but it is also a particularly recyclable material. By choosing an ACV boiler or hot water cylinder that is energy efficient and space saving, you are also doing something for the environment.

Renewable energies

At the heart of your solar heat pump or solid fuel system, ACV's multi-energy hot water tanks offer you a flexible solution for storing and using hot water. This allows you to invest in renewable heating technologies within your budget.

Reliable performance

ACV builds safety into the design of its products. Whether it's the relatively high water content of our heat exchangers, which minimises the risk of overheating, or our fail-safe controls, we keep in mind what could happen and make sure it doesn't.

How to save energy?

Here are some tips for saving energy and heating in a more environmentally friendly way :

  • Have your boiler serviced regularly (once a year) to ensure that it is always working at peak efficiency, and make sure that your home is well insulated (double glazing, tight seals on doors and windows, etc.). If this is not the case, investing in better insulation can save you money.
  • When it is dark outside, close the curtains or draw the shutters. Windows are often the primary source of heat loss in a home.
  • When ventilating, do not leave the windows open for too long (maximum 5 to 10 minutes). Close the thermostatic valves in the rooms you are airing.
  • Maintain an adequate indoor temperature. On average, living rooms should be about 20°C, bedrooms should be 16-17°C (enough to sleep well except for young children) and the kitchen should be about 18°C (as there are other sources of heat). The bathroom can be set at about 22 °C.
  • An efficient control system (programmable in time and by housing zone) can help you save a lot of energy.
  • Upgrade your heating system. The latest generation of condensing boilers now achieves overall annual efficiencies of around 95%, compared with less than 70% for an older boiler (15 years or more).